We've heard it many times.  "Our benefits plan costs are out of control",  "Payroll is a nightmare!", "Benefits are a paper monster!"and "I can never get to the important work!"

They say necessity is the mother of all invention.  In this case necessity was the mother that brought together several great solutions to make them one very powerful business ally.


Rather than reinventing the wheel, we are improving upon it.  We are applying the open architecture approach used by our sister company, Clear Financial Strategies, LLC to Human Capital Management.   By employing several proven cost reduction strategies in benefits and integrating several prominent solutions to manage the process efficiently, we can bring you a total solution that satisfies your employees, your bottom line and your HR professionals.


MaxxCap Solutions is the CFOs partner in cost efficient benefits as well as HR's trusted partner in reducing frustration and increasing employee satisfaction.  Together, with our sister companies, we are ERISA retirement plan specialists,  executive and employee benefits consultants, risk mitigation professionals, payroll and benefit technology consultants and most importantly, fellow business owners tired of the inefficiencies in today's HR.



Reduce Costs

When was the last time you received a reduction in your corporate health care costs?  Yes, it is possible!  Before the ACA was made the law of the land there was innovation in employee benefits.  We've brought back the best.  Using modern technology, consumer driven savings incentives and good old fashioned plans that actually work to reduce costs, with no increase in risk, you may be able to experience 25% or more in savings immediately along with the ability to better control the future costs of coverage.

For entities facing large term life insurance premium payments, we have a strategy that has been shown to reduce the premium costs by more than 60% while increasing flexibility.

Recruiting to Termination and Everything in Between ...

We've got you covered!  With the entire system hosted "in the cloud" you are assured an always available solution that can simplify the experience from recruiting to onboarding to payroll to enrollment to HR to eventual termination.  All while maintaining regulatory compliance and all information always available at your fingertips.

No more hoping your payroll provider will get you the report you need by an important deadline or that the record keeper and payroll fix a mistake in an employee deduction.  We've got your back!


What are you waiting for?...

Put our system to the test right now!  By clicking on the "I Want It!" button you will be sending a request to the same system that could soon be running your Human Capital like a well-oiled machine.  Go head, there's no obligation.